The Nondescript Atheist 2013-12-26 – My parents

If you ever wanted to know what the parents of an atheist are like, here’s your chance. On this show, I interview my parents and we discuss their beliefs, they are Christian, and explore how I came to be who I am today.

The Nondescript Atheist 2013-11-21 – Nathan interview – Miracle healings

In this episode, I invite back Nathan, who I met at the Supreme Court during the Greece Prayer case. We talk about the Supreme Court case and miracle healings that Nathan was involved with.


The Nondescript Atheist 2013-11-14 – Prayer and Government – The Greece case

Tonight we will discuss prayer in council meetings and other government meetings. Recently, the Supreme Court had oral arguments about the prayer case from Greece, NY. I had the opportunity to join my friends outside the Supreme Court, where we promoted a secular government, which excludes sectarian practices. There will be no guests, but I will share some discussions I had with people outside the Supreme Court.