The Nondescript Atheist – 2015-12-17 – Festivus!

Tonight on The Nondescript Atheist, Festivus for the rest of us!
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The Nondescript Atheist – 2015-12-10 – Christmas songs

Tonight, on The Nondescript Atheist, I don’t have any topics, so we’re just going to do Christmas songs and chat about the upcoming holidays.
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The Nondescript Atheist – 2015-12-03 – Planned Parenthood and San Bernadino attacks

Welcome back everyone! Listen to The Nondescript Atheist live tonight, and each Thursday from 6-7PM Eastern, we will be discussing the Planned Parenthood and San Bernadino attacks, responses from folks about the attacks. We also have some things to say about the holiday season coming up. Tune in to channel 37, and if you feel like it, call in and talk to us! 703.560.8255