The Nondescript Atheist – 2017-10-12 – Asheville Terrorist

Tonight on The Nondescript Atheist, we are back in studio this week. We will be talking about Vegas, Trump’s response to Puerto Rico, and the Asheville terrorist. Never heard of him? That’s because he is a white male, probably.
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The Nondescript Atheist – 2017-09-28 – Trump vs Football

Tonight on The Nondescript Atheist, Puerto Rico still needs help, Trump wants to fire kneelers at football games, and Hugh Hefner has left us.

If anybody would like to help Puerto Rico, visit

The Nondescript Atheist – 2017-09-21 – Home Studio

Tonight on The Nondescript Atheist, we’re trying something new. I’m recording in my basement. So, this will be a podcast only version of the show. This is an experiment to see if we want to switch fully to a private podcast, which has its advantages.
So, no live streaming tonight, and no call in