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The Nondescript Atheist – 2017-01-12 – Poor Persecuted Christians

Tonight on The Nondescript Atheist, we talk about those poor Christians being persecuted around the world. Actually, we just going to be talking about the whining about Christian privilege on the decline.
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The Nondescript Atheist – 2016-03-03 – Primaries

Tonight on The Nondescript Atheist, Islam vs Christianity vs Judaism. Plus, more talk about the primaries, because that’s just what everybody is talking about. Other than that, whatever you wish to talk about. Please call at: 703-560-8255.
Streamed live each Thursday 6pm to 7pm Eastern at http://radiofairfax.comand podcast at http://trustreason.com
My apologies for the podcast being late, my computer crashed. Hopefully, it will be up soon.

The Nondescript Atheist 2014-07-10 – Messianic Jew

My guest is a Messianic Jew. This is sort of a cross between Jew and Christian, basically a Christian who follows Jewish traditions or a Jew who believes Jesus is the Messiah.